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3 Year Old Enrolment

Thank you for your interest in our 3 year old program. Our experienced teachers and educators are committed to providing quality play based learning opportunities for your child.

Amazing news for ALL families, thanks to the Victorian Government who are providing FREE kinder to ALL families. Giving our children the best start in life. This means our 3 year old groups will attend kinder two days a week for a total of 10 hours. 

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To apply for our program applications are made the year prior to your child’s intended start date from 1st May to 30th June to be considered for a first round offer, however you can apply outside of these dates and if there are any available positions they will be offered or alternately you will be notified that your child is on a waitlist.

The Kindergarten has as open door policy so you are welcome to visit anytime to see a session in action and talk to our experienced educators, otherwise each year we have an open day which is usually held in April and welcomes all parents and children to come along and check out the kindergarten.



Children must turn 3 by 30 April in the year of attendance. Standard criteria applies.  ​

  • Children cannot attend kinder until they have turned 3. This means for some children born between Jan- April, your child could miss the first few weeks or the whole first term.

  • Children can no longer repeat 3 year old kinder as it is now funded by the government.

  • If you or the educators hold concerns about your child's development, a second year of 4 year old kinder may be considered if they have a developmental delay in 2 or more areas.

  • Acceptance into our 3 year old program does not guarantee a place in our 4 year old program. You will need to apply for the 4 year old program once enrolments open in May. Enrolments are made and managed by Kingston Council and unfortunately Chelsea Heights Kinder has no control over allocations or group allocations.



To apply for the three year old program you must apply via the Kingston Council website. Kingston charge a $24 application fee for kinder enrolment which is paid directly to Kingston Council when you apply for a place at Chelsea Heights Kinder. This is not a fee that is set by the Kindergarten but by the central enrolment office of council.

Registrations for 2025 open from 1 May 2024. Registrations must be submitted before 30 June to be considered in the first round offers. In principle we will follow the councils criteria for both three and four year old groups.


We usually have an Open Day in April each year for the following years children to come and have a look around the kinder, chat to the teachers and learn more about our wonderful kinder. Join our private Facebook "Chelsea Heights Kinder 2025 (Enrolments)" group at the bottom of this page to keep informed on important enrolment information and dates.

Children allocated a place will receive an email of offer from Kingston Council between 29 July and 2 Aug 2024 from first round offers. To accept an offer, parent/guardians must respond by the date stated in their letter of offer to secure a place. Failure to do so will result in the allocated space being deemed as available for reallocation. 

Once the allocations have finished you will be emailed a confidential enrolment form, which you need to include your child's birth certificate, immunisation record and working with children's check for both parents/guardians.. This is usually emailed around the end of August/September the year prior to attendance.

Children that have secured a place at the kinder will then be invited to a Meet & Greet day where they have another chance to see the kinder and meet follow class mates. This is usually held in Term 4.

Parents will also be invited to an adults only information night and annual general meeting (AGM) to explain more about the program and a chance for parents to have any questions answered, held in Term 4.

For more information on the enrolment process and criteria please visit

Group Allocations

You request what group you would like when you fill out your registration form. Kingston central registration team then do the allocations based on their set criteria. Unfortunately Chelsea Heights Kinder have no say in who gets allocated to the groups.

Waiting List

From time to time vacancies arise through children moving away or unable to take the place. A waiting list is maintained to fill vacancies. For the most up to date information on vacancies and the waiting list please call Kingston Council central registration team 9581 4851.

No Jab, No Play

From 1 January 2016, an early childhood education and care service cannot confirm enrolment of a child unless the parent/carer has provided documentation that shows the child:

• is fully vaccinated for their age; or

• is  on a recognised catch-up schedule and is on track with the catchup schedule; or

• has a medical reason not to be vaccinated

Timetable - 3's Koalas & Joeys

To view our timetable, please click the button below.


Feel free to join our 2025 Enrolments Facebook group to keep up to date.

Information Booklet

To Learn more about our kindergarten please email for your copy of the information handbook.

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