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Fundraising & Working Bee

One of the most important ways for our kindergarten to maintain it's wonderful play spaces and resources for the children is through fundraising. While we receive government funding, this does not cover all of our costs such as the purchases of play equipment and educational toys. The success of our kinder would not be possible without the generosity  and hard work of our wonderful parents. Some of our fundraisers also make for some wonderful keepsakes. For examples our tea towel and picture plate fundraisers. 

Working Bee's

As you can see our external play space at the kindergarten looks spectacular. This is due to the work that parents, children, teachers and the City of Kingston put into our outside area to keep it looking good all year round. We hold the workings bee’s on Sunday’s the first week back of each term. We hold 5 working bees throughout the year. Our first working bee for the year we invite ALL families. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other families, see your teachers again, and it helps your children get excited with starting that week. The following 4 working bees will be divided into 1 kinder group per term. This allows for a more intimate working bee, and gives you that chance to just work with the other


children and families in your child’s kinder group. The children absolutely love helping at working bees, and or just playing with their friends. These working bee’s  are organised by the Maintenance Officer (parent Committee of Management) and will be communicated via class dojo and your private groups Facebook page. We also have a working bee sign up sheet which we put out couple weeks before a working bee. We ask that you please write your name down so we can ensure we have enough helpers. Typical duties involve re-mulching, weeding and basic maintenance of playground equipment. The more volunteers the quicker the working bees get done.

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