Fundraising & Working Bee



One of the most important ways for our kindergarten to maintain it's wonderful play spaces and resources for the children is through fundraising. While we receive government funding, this does not cover all of our costs such as the purchases of play equipment and educational toys. The success of our kinder would not be possible without the generosity  and hard work of our wonderful parents. Some of our fundraisers also make for some wonderful keepsakes. For examples our tea towel and picture plate fundraisers. 

Working Bee's

As you can see our external play space at the kindergarten looks spectacular. This is due to the work that parents, children and the City of Kingston put into our outside area to keep it looking good all year round. We hold a working bee once per term. This is organised by the Maintenance Officer (parent Committee of Management) and is attended by parents of our 3 and 4 Year Old kinder children. Typical duties involve re-mulching, weeding and basic maintenance ofplayground equipment. It‘s a way to meet other parents from the kinder and your children can also join in. The more volunteers the quicker the working bees are done. They are usually scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday. We invite each family to do at least 1 working bee per year but if you really like working in our outdoor play space you are more than welcome to attend as many as you like.