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During the year it is quite possible that your child may be ill.

Please call the kinder and leave a message if your child is unwell and won't be attending 

Please do not send your child to kinder with the following symptoms

  • An illness which may be infectious including an infectious runny nose

  • A fever or bad cough

  • vomiting / diarrhoea

Sending your child to kinder with the following symptoms will not only prolong the illness, but they may infect other children and the staff.

Illness can cause the child to show signs of distress or discomfort which can be upsetting for both them and their peers.

In the case of an infectious green runny nose please only let your child return when it is running clear.

Health Regulations require that in the case of certain illnesses, children must stay away from kindergarten for a specified period. Please speak to Staff if you have any concerns.

Please click the following link for the complete exclusion table

Please do not send them to kinder.


Recent changes in the Immunisation policy of the Victorian State government require that every child is fully vaccinated when attending an early education center to protect our children from preventable childhood diseases.


Chelsea Heights Kindergarten therefore needs proof of your child’s immunisation status or in some cases medical evidence that your child cannot be vaccinated.

The Kindergarten will accept the following as evidence of your child’s up to date immunisation;

  • An Immunisation History Statement, obtained from Medicare

  • An Immunisation Status Certificate, obtained from a medical doctor or local council immunisation service.

Other immunisation records, such as the immunisation pages from your child's health book, homeopathic immunisations and statutory declaration from you are not acceptable.

Immunisation History Statements are available on request at any time by contacting the immunisation register on 1800 653 809 or you can get an up to date copy from the following website or email

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing vaccinations or required documents, please contact us for assistance. In some cases, children can commence at the kindergarten while the required documents are obtained. If your child does have exemption from immunisation due to valid medical reasons please contact the kindergarten and you will be advised what documents we need.

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