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Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is comprised of volunteer parents.

The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the kindergarten service, including policies, financial, administrative tasks, staffing, regulatory compliance and fundraising. By having a parent run committee you have the chance to enhance your sense of belonging to the kinder, make new friends, get to know other parents and your child's educators. Help keep our wonderful kinder community going for this and future generations. It is a great sense of achievement knowing you are involved and giving back to our community. Members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in November each year)
The kindergarten encourages active participation by all members. 
Committee members are required to attend monthly meetings.




Gillian Rizzo

Liz Capp

Shobhit Sinha

Cate Lanham

Tania Meyn

Rebecca Muller

Laura Edwards

Kylie Vanzetti

Jacqueline Norton

Jade Collery 

Hayden Slatter

Nicole Quanchi

Sherwantha Ratnayake

Rebecca Vawdrey

Robyn Hillier

​Dominique Rekdale

​Victoria Popov

​Liz Capp

Eloise Cole

Jemma Schwabb

Candice McBrearty

Rebecca Muller

Rebecca Vawdrey

Jade Collery

Colin Stebbing





Vice President


Assistant Secretary


Assistant Treasurer

3YO Enrolments

4YO Enrolments

Extended Care

Health and Safety




Social Committee

Social Committee

Social Committee

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Grants Officer

Policy Officer

3yo rep - Koalas

3yo rep - Joeys

4yo rep - Wombats

4yo rep - Possums