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3 Year Old Program

We work hard to ensure a safe and stimulating environment for our 3 year olds program. In 2023 children attend two days a week, four hours a day. A total of 8 hours for the week. In 2024 children will attend two days a week, five hours a day. A total of 10 hours for the week.

For many of the children, kindergarten allows them to develop self-reliance and independence.

At the same time they are discovering the implications of being part of a group; for example the need to wait, share and take turns.

This occurs within the supportive guidelines and reassurance provided by attentive and caring Staff.

All planned experiences are designed to be inviting and of interest to the children.


Prior to Mother’s day we share some of our favourite rhymes and songs with visiting mothers and others.

Later in the year we have fun with Pyjama Day and a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. We also have a special persons day!


In Term 4 we are visited by a mobile farm and children can engage at a level with which they feel comfortable.

Our Chicken Hatching Program is also a highlight and the Kidathalon is a valuable fundraiser as well as another opportunity for family involvement.

As the year progresses, the changes in the children’s play reflect their readiness for the greater demands of the 4-year-old program. Play is more co-operative and sustained. Focus and concentration improve. Increasingly, children develop an awareness of the needs and rights of others; all essential life-skills that are built on early learning at kindergarten and at home.

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