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Here at Chelsea Heights Kinder our staff and committee regularly keep up to date with t guidelines provided to us by the department of education, health department and government. This includes having a covid safe plan.

Our Staff are constantly wiping down and disinfecting high touch surfaces, keeping the doors and windows open for good ventilation as well as shifting to as much outdoor programming as possible. They continue to do their utmost to provide a safe environment for each and every child. 


All staff, children and visitors should undertake regular hand hygiene, particularly on arrival to the service. You will see some hand sanitiser at the front door and by the sign in book for you to use.


We also ask all parents & caregivers to sign in using the QR at the front door every time they enter the kindergarten even if it's for pick up and drop off. 

All parents, grandparents, contractors and caregivers are required to be fully vaccinated if they would like to come into the kinder whilst children and families are present. This includes if you want to be a parent helper, visit whilst we have an incursion, come on an excursion or concerts.

We ask everyone to stand 1.5m apart whilst lining up for pick up and drop off.

Wear your mask when required.

Only have 1 parent/caregiver at a time in the foyer.

Children with even the mildest of symptoms of covid must get a covid test and stay home until they receive a negative result.

Children are required to have a negative Covid test and be symptom free if returning after a period of illness or if sent home due to illness that has symptoms consistent with covid.   

Exemption from returning symptom free would include.

Children with persistent symptoms due to underlying conditions such as hay fever or asthma whose symptoms are clearly typical of their condition can continue to attend. They should be tested for cover if they develop symptoms that are different to or worse than their usual symptoms.

Children who have prolonged post viral symptoms such as a runny nose or cough and may return to kinder following a negative covid test even if they are not completely free of symptoms.

Personal Hygiene
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