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What to Bring

Large named Kindergarten bag

A large backpack as it is easier for children to pack their own bags at the end of the kinder session. The bag should be easy to open and close for your child. Be aware of stranger danger and use a small name tag rather than a large name on the bag.

Healthy snack

We play an active role in promoting healthy eating and caring for our environment. Parents are asked to help us by packing healthy snacks with minimal packaging for children. We have a number of children with severe nut and allergies so please don’t pack any snacks that contain nuts of any kind.

Ideas for healthy snack boxes:


Spare clothes  

Please ensure all clothing is named.

Please pack a change of clothes (including socks) in a plastic bag in case of accidents (toileting or otherwise).


We often engage in messy play experiences and sometimes our protective measures fail!


The kinder has some spare clothes but the children usually prefer their own.

Bringing toys

Please ensure children do not bring toys from home to kindergarten.

Toys from home are easily lost or broken at kindergarten and personal toys can detract from the experiences set up for children to explore.

The only exception is if specifically asked by the teacher to bring something appropriate from home for your child to talk about at show and tell etc. The learning experience at kindergarten does not support toy guns, swords, super hero dress-ups where aggressive or violent behaviour is displayed.


Your support in following these guidelines is appreciated.

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